Alien attack? Astronomer spots gun lying on the surface of Mars

Alien attack? Astronomer spots a GUN lying on the surface of MARS

STARGAZERS were stunned when they found what appears to be a GUN lying on the surface of Mars.

Published: 11:45, Wed, January 21, 2015




The bizarre image seems to show a gun lying on the surface of Mars

Astronomer Joe White could hardly believe his eyes while studying footage beamed back from the planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The 45-year-old, from Bristol, spotted what seems to be an old-fashioned pistol lying on the face of the Red Planet.

The handle and barrel of the gun-shaped rock are clearly defined, sitting amongst much smaller pieces of rubble on the surface of Mars.

Mr White, a space video journalist who runs the YouTube channel ArtAlienTV, said: “Is this a handgun on Mars?

“This object is about five to eight inches long and looks very much like an old flintlock pistol with a trigger, barrel and handle clearly visible.


The rock looks uncannily like an old-fashioned pistol

“The object next to it may be a magazine but you can’t see if it is attached or not. So it could be a machine pistol.”

The bizarre image was captured by the mobile robot’s right-hand-side mast cam, shot from a height of six feet.

Mr White spends every day trawling through images beamed back from Mars in search of bizarre shapes.

Curiosity, launched in 2011, also recently thrilled armchair astronomers by beaming back footage of a supposed ‘ancient cat statue’.


The cat-shaped rock also spotted by Curiosity


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