NASA finds shock evidence of alien life on Mars

”We can’t rule it out’ NASA finds shock evidence of alien life on Red Planet

The US agency’s Curiosity Mars  Rover has detected spikes in methane gas – one of the main by-products of living organisms!

The Rover Robot made the discovery whilst roaming round and exploring a huge 96 mile crater on the red planet when it made the very exciting discovery!

Satellite observations before have detected strange plumes of methane on Mars, but none as extraordinary and exciting as this.  This appeared to be a sudden “venting” measured at Gale crater.

We all know that NASA once believed that water once flowed on Planet Mars and probably through the same crater billions and billions of years ago.

When NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory researcher (sounds like an interesting job!) was asked whether this discovery confirmed that there could of been life on Mars, he replied with “We cant rule it out”

“This temporary increase in methane – sharply up and then back down – tells us there must be some relatively localised source,” added Sushil Atreya of the University of Michigan and member of the Curiosity rover science team. The wind direction suggested that the unknown methane source was hidden to the north of the rover.

However, NASA has also said there could be other, non-biological causes for the mystery methane ‘venting’.

The low background methane levels could be explained by the Sun’s rays degrading organic material deposited by meteors – although, the spikes of methane require an additional, active source, such as a recent impact by a comet or asteroid.

NASA has confirmed that neither of these options are likely, as such the object would have to measure several metres across and would have left a large crater.

None has been found in the area surrounding the methane ‘vents’.

The methane spikes discovered suggest that they are not released from Volcanic deposits on the red planet!

NASA Scientists also wrote: “Our measurements spanning a full Mars year indicate that trace quantities of methane are being generated on Mars by more than one mechanism or a combination of proposed mechanisms – including methanogenesis either today or released from past reservoirs, or both.”

UIP’s summary

Hearing NASA use the words “we cant rule it out” in reference to the potential chance of there being Alien life on Mars after the Methane discovery,  is music to the ears for the vast majority of us ‘Believers’ but is this important statement part of something much bigger that NASA are slowly but surely building up to! Even if this could possibly be Alien ‘Microbe’ life, it is still a significant discovery and will confirm a 100% to planet earth that there is life out there!

What with the sheer amount of UFO sightings around planet Earth nowadays and images off NASA direct showing what appears to be UFO’s, and in some cases we have even seen what appears to be ancient statues and buildings on the Red Planet itself, could now be the time that NASA and the US Government NEED to start working on that important word on the street ‘Disclosure’

By NASA even mentioning the words “Alien Life” this is a big step in the right direction for an organisation that usually blinds you with scientific detail and anything else, other than the reality of there being life beyond planet earth, which of course there is!

These are interesting/exciting times people and we at UIP feel that 2015 is going to be a HUGE year of discovery, and my what an exciting way to go into the year with this exciting story! Lets just hope NASA don’t suddenly put the Methane discovery down to ‘swamp gas’…..



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