Payback – new novel out on 21 October 2016

What if the Mafia and FBI joined forces to assassinate Hitler in 1938?

“Payback” is an alternative history thriller published by Moonshine Cove.

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Print and Kindle editions.

With the Mafia muscle behind him, the gangster Bugsy Siegel and an FBI agent to keep his volatile nature under control, the course of history is changed by assassinating Hitler. The novel examines the probable outcome of events if they succeeded.

Michael FitzGerald has appeared on television and radio.

Comments on “Payback” include:

“A great read with an amazing plot that kept me always wanting more” – David Avoura King, author of Hitler Out of Time

“Strong characters, excellent research and surprising twists and turns” – Sandra Saidak, author of From the Ashes

“Gangsters and Hitler – what could go wrong? Read Payback to find out” – James R Benn, author of Rag and Bone



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