A Writer’s Journey

I have been a writer for many years. All my life I have been fascinated by the mysterious and unusual. This led me to write about the paranormal aspects of the Nazis and also to produce my most recent book on UFO phenomena.

I began my writing career as a poet and was one of the leading lights of the British Poetic Renaissance. As well as performing at the internationally famous Troubadour Poets my work was published in magazines, anthologies and a couple of booklets and I I was a prizewinning poet.I still write poetry occasionally but my primary writing focus these days is on the medium of prose.

History has always been a passion of mine and my first published book combined my love of the past with my fascination for the mysterious. The result was a book on psychic conflict during the Second World War, “Storm Troopers of Satan,” published by Robert Hale in 1990. It was also translated into Japanese.

I am diverse in my subject matter as a writer, having produced works on history, the paranormal and strange phenomena and two books on London.

My second book, “Adolf Hitler: A Portrait” was a biography of the Nazi leader that tried to focus on lesser known sides of his life and political career. It dealt with Hitler’s youth, his love of art and music, his military service, his brief flirtation with Communism, the origins of his anti-Semitism and his economic and environmental policies which were both untypical of his time as well as the notorious aspects of his life as a warmonger and mass murderer. It won a prize for best historical biography.

As a Londoner born and bred my city has always fascinated me and my next two books dealt with aspects of London life. My third book, “The Making of Modern Streatham,” was a light-hearted look at my local area It talked about the rise of Streatham from a spa village to an inner London district but focused mainly on contemporary Streatham – the shops, the local characters and various unusual and offbeat aspects of the area.

My next book, “Ragged London: The Life of London’s Poor,” was written after I had researched my family history and discovered that my Irish ancestors had settled in St Giles the most notorious slum in nineteenth century London I became intrigued by the hardships they endured and studied the lives of ordinary people within the “rookeries” of London between 1660 and 1900. Full of admiration for the way people survived in such appalling conditions, I wrote the book partly as a tribute to my ancestors.

My next book, “American Destiny: From Adam to Obama,” dealt with unusual aspects of American history and pointed to a number of Biblical prophecies that predicted the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency.

My most recently published book, “The Nazi Occult War,” came out from Arcturus in 2013. It again dealt with the more offbeat and paranormal aspects of the Nazis and described a hidden agenda of psychic conflict fought at the highest level during the Second World War. It also attempted to present a psychological analysis of the hold Nazism had over both true believers and the wider German public.





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